Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses

Many of us have used spring mattresses, or are probably still using them. We might claim it’s easy sleeping on spring beds or mattresses before we get stung by a broken egg. Spring mattresses have been the norm for many decades, but to date the memory foam mattresses have become even more common due to the obvious comfort as well as the overall body support that many wouldn’t believe until they tried it out for themselves.I strongly suggest you to visit BoxDrop Near Me to learn more about this.

So why do more people over the traditional spring mattresses want memory mattresses?

Comparisons have been made between memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses and many people will admit to having found sleeping easier on memory foam mattresses. Lying on a spring mattress does feel good, but a spring mattress does not even come close to what the memory foam mattress might provide when it comes to body contouring as well as spinal support. By using a spring mattress, the body conforms to the mattress. The springs exert a fighting force against your body when your weight is on the spring mattress. A spring mattress relies solely on a varied number of springs that press back against you with all of them having equal energy. Since your body doesn’t move equally against those springs, you can’t get the proper support. And because of this and because you’re the one that’s adapting to the form of the spring mattress, your pressure points would lead to poor blood circulation and you’d probably be complaining about body pains or sore muscles or discomfort when you wake up in the morning.

When it comes to mattress, you won’t have to encounter all the things you’ve done with a spring mattress. A memory foam mattress is more dense than any other mattress. A memory foam mattress is more suitable for this, because it is heavier. It fits in between a completely soft mattress’ comfort and a firm one’s stiffness and solidity, making it a reasonable balance. A decent quality memory foam mattress is able to uniformly disperse weight, which is like getting your weight backed by billions of springs. A memory foam mattress has cells which deform when applying weight. Unlike a spring mattress which always exerts pressure on the weight of your body, the cells in the memory foam mattress completely compress and spread their air pressure to the adjacent cells. The pressure is then transferred to more mattress cells, so that the pressure you feel is decreased as well. This is responsible for reducing the pressure points considerably. Sleeping on such a mattress greatly decreases the body’s pressure points by up to 80%, resulting in good circulation of the blood. All the tossing and turning which makes you unable to get a good night’s sleep is greatly reduced with these particular kinds of mattresses.

There is often fiber or other sort of foam put over the springs of spring mattresses, but these coils can create a trampoline effect and appear to bend inwards if pressure is applied, and they do so without conforming to different bumps and curves of the body. A spring mattress acts as a shock absorber which reduces mattress wear and tear. And the fewer spindles in the mattress, the smoother the springs get. Another thing about spring mattresses is that the foam that covers the springs can shrink over time, making them more effort to bear the weight, making them prone to losing shape or breaking over time.