Fundamental Aspects of Charleston Fishing Charters

How much money does it cost?

Make sure to clarify how many people are going to go on the trip, and how long you want to fish. Most of the captains and guides book half-day or full-day trips and the corresponding price. Don’t bite off more than you can chew-unless you fish several days a year and are used to winding up in the elements in a rocking boat for hours, you can find a half-day charter that typically takes 3-5 hours to complete. The trip may be over too soon but a long day on the water will leave you feeling full and not stressed out. For more details click Fish The Wahoo! Charleston Fishing Charters.

While charter trips often cost more than $200 / angler, sports should expect a minimum of $30 (mates a little less) to tip your Lake Erie charter captain to show your appreciation of how hard he or she has worked to make your trip a success. Note I didn’t suggest you would tip because you caught loads of fish-the tip is for your guide’s commitment appreciation, attention to details, versatility, and safe boat handling. A bad guide does not deserve a tip, so if that is how you feel, then explain politely why and be on your way. And if you can’t afford a tip, that’s just how things are; but keep a handshake in mind and smile won’t keep the captain ‘s family warm in winter when the lake’s iced over.

Additional Essential Factors

What kind of food and drinks does the charter service have, if any? Have to carry your own rain cover, sunscreen or pills for motion sickness? Bring your own camera with you to capture the good times. Is there a private head (bathroom) on the boat? What is the exact time of departure? Be ready to go, you’ll be wasting your own time and resources by being late.

While no Lake Erie charter captain likes drinking aboard, some don’t mind getting a beer or two; some forbid any kind of alcohol, so ask in advance if you want to crack a cold one after landing a big walleye.

And be sure to find out in advance what the cancelation policy is for the guide. There are just so many days of fishing season and each day is really important to charter services so do not leave them hanging by backing them out at the last second because you no longer feel like going.