How To Choose Proper Diamond Blades

If you may not pick the best diamond blades to cut concrete, the diamond blades can be short-lived, cut gradually or just not made, so there could be many problems as well. But knowing other approaches to pick correct diamond blades would be really useful for you. The following things should be considered:

1) Diamond blade type A of concrete typically comprises of a steel center with several diamond pieces at the tip. The successful component of the blade is diamond segments, the cutting teeth. Metal blades used to saw concrete may be named metal concrete saw blades, which are designed especially for concrete cutting. For example, because concrete includes several forms of reinforced concrete or concrete without steel bars, green concrete or cured concrete, and the aggregates and sand can also be special, there are several styles of diamond concrete saw blades for fitting these various concretes. Visit CMP Stonemason Supplies & Tools Hallam.

The diamond-sawed concrete gullets are also keyhole-shaped. The major variations are in their parts of diamonds, which compose of diamonds and bond materials. Based on the properties of the concrete (e.g., steel bar diameter in reinforced concrete, aggregate stone size in concrete road), the specification of the diamond pieces, which indicates what diamonds and bond products should be used and their ratios should be built to match the properties of the concrete. So you will decide what concrete you should cut while purchasing a diamond concrete saw blade and then evaluate the appropriate saw blade.

2) Either wet cutting or dry cutting Normally concrete is cut with wind. This will rising the mud, improve cutting performance and prolong the life of the diamond cutter. For eg, in certain situations there is no water supply near the work area, you will do dry cutting. Dry cutting can be quick and sporadic, such like using air as the coolant. Furthermore, the diamond blade can be welded with a laser and specifically crafted for dry cutting, and sharper. Silver brazed diamond blades can not be used for dry cutting, since the high temperature produced during the dry cutting phase can melt the silver solder, and the diamond fragments can fly out and inflict harm to the operator or the people nearby.

3) The concrete sawing machine The concrete sawing machine will handle such diamond saw blade diameters. So make sure you suit the diameter of the blade you’re purchasing. You will also remember the depth of the blade’s arbor opening. It would blend in with your saw machine’s arbor.

Another significant aspect to remember is the horsepower of your concrete sawing unit. Since big-powered machines impose greater stress on the diamond saw blade during the cutting process and the diamonds on the blade gain further effects, the configuration of the diamond blades used on large-powered sawing machines will be different from those used on small-powered sawing machines, e.g., with higher diamond concentration, tougher bonding or both. Otherwise the blades of diamonds would be eaten quicker and have a shorter operating period.

4) The performance function you want Diamond blades of the same size that have specific performance features, e.g. higher cutting speed or longer service life. Normally, higher cutting speeds contribute to shorter duty life in the same price category, and vice versa. And when you purchase the diamond saw blades you will match the cutting pace and the service life.