Insulation and Your Home

Home insulation is one of the important components that preserves the luxury of living indoors. What keeps everyone inside the house warm and comfortable in winter and cool and pleasant in the summer is its heat tolerance that avoids heat loss and gain. A well insulated home often allows the most secure and cost-effective way of using electricity. So, if you’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, or Queens; insulating your home in New York certainly costs and offers you the luxurious luxury you and your family deserve to stay in. Want to learn more? visit us.

Other than attics and external doors, there are many spaces in your homes that may be used for optimum warmth and efficiency with any insulation. This includes: ceilings- with unheated areas above, cathedral ceilings; interior walls- basement walls, walls dividing one room from another, notably in bathrooms, knee walls; floors- covering ventilated crawl spaces, and mostly unheated overhead porches and garages.

Apart from resisting heat flow, insulation often serves as a sound proofing mechanism which reduces the amount of noise emitted from one room to another and from outside the building.

Consult with a skilled insulation manufacturer to insure the building is properly insulated. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the International Energy Conservation Code have defined standard set of R-values where R stands for heat flow resistance, which ensures the maximum standards of indoor comfort and optimum energy efficiency for each household. There are other aspects and considerations that the appointed builder should check at to insure the building is well-insulated, such as attic air, heating system and R-values, cathedral ceiling, wall space, sheathing, and flooring.