Motorcycle Accidents and Serious Injuries

Motorcycle crashes can leave a person with devastating injuries which change their lives. Traumatic brain injuries and injuries to the spinal cord that lead to tetraplegia and paraplegia are all too frequent results of motorcycle crashes.Have a look at stable your body for more info on this.

Traumatic brain injury, called TBI, can result from a skull fracture or penetration. Damage to the brain can occur as soon as the head affects a hard surface, and it can also occur later, as swelling or bleeding in the brain places pressure on the structures of the brain.

TBI may also be the result of a closed-head injury not reaching the skull in. Often, a closed head injury occurs when the head is accelerated or decelerated rapidly, as happens in motorcycle crashes, when a rider is thrown out of the motorcycle and lands against the pavement or some other object with great force.

Significant improvement will continue for 16-22 months after the accident following a motorcycle crash resulting in traumatic brain injury. A individual will always have stabilized at 18 to 24 months post trauma; whatever healing the individual has completed at that time is most likely all that will be accomplished. For the rest of the person’s life a person who has suffered from a TBI and those responsible for his / her care will have to work with the limitations of that recovery. It is important that the disabilities and deficiencies of the patient are properly measured, so that a recovery and care plan can be established with a practical estimate of lifetime expenses. An attorney with experience in motorcycle accidents can help with such planning.

Being thrown at high speed from a motorcycle can also lead to spinal cord injury. An injury in the lower spine can lead to paraplegia, loss of use of the legs, impose significant restrictions in the life of an person. If the paraplegia is permanent, a person must plan their whole life around the constraints that result in loss of use of their legs, including permanent use of wheelchairs. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney acknowledges the complexities of wheelchair use and the need for a home to be renovated and repaired so that a individual can use their kitchen, bathroom and other spaces.