On-site Car Wash Services

If you operate a mobile car cleaning or vehicle detailing business, you realize that some of your biggest buyers will be corporate buyers, and you do realize that other employers will recruit you while you are in the parking lot to vacuum, scrub or repair vehicles. In reality, you’ll sometimes basically stuck cleaning and detailing cars in the parking lot all day.I strongly suggest you to visit Buccaneer Car Wash Milford to learn more about this.

You might of course have worse issues. Because the price of energy is too high, you have to sit in one spot all day and earn money instead of running around eating up petrol and prices, which you think as unnecessary? But how can you attract these Business Clients?

Yeah, it’s pretty easy to arrange a meeting with the head of human resources and remind them that you’ll come to the corner of their parking lot once a week to wash vehicles for interested workers. We can see that as an opportunity and added-value benefit for their workers. Tell the director of human resources if you are trying to cover the storm drains and not pollute run-off the wash water and explain how you are doing so.

Even inform them you’ll have an up front collection box in the business where workers can place their money and their keys in pre-printed envelopes so you won’t interrupt the profitability of the organization. You’ll have these accounts for years as long as you still turn up on schedule, do decent work and be truthful with your dealings.