Read This Before You Hire a Painting Contractor

How to employ a contractor for painting

With spring here it’s a perfect time to examine your home’s exterior and see what work needs to be done to improve your home and maintain it! I strongly suggest you to visit Painting Contractor to learn more about this. Below are 12 tips on what to look for before you employ a contract painting company:

  1. Home enhancement contractor license number, when you get the number go to the Consumer Protection Website on the internet and you can quickly punch his license number and make sure it’s correct.
  2. Ask for several references for similar work that you are asking for, be sure to get full name and reference phone number, two should be fine.
  3. Be sure they search carefully and give you a full professional appraisal when they come and see your house, not just an estimation. When there is rotted wood that may need to be replaced, they will be able to find out, may the gutters need a good clean. If these items are not taken care of, they should be able to recommend a good reputable contractor who does. A contractor that does all of these things is easier to get.
  4. Make sure they tell you what materials they ‘re using and why high quality items are making all the difference.
  5. When you receive your estimate it should be clear and detailed on what they are pricing and what will be the preparation work involved, how many priming coats? How many coats of paint to finish? If there is carpentry job, what in the price is the budget for that? Obtaining a limited range of pricing is OK, but make sure they explain it clearly in the estimate.
  6. Be sure they have proper protection, not only having liability is enough, they should also have workers’ compensation insurance.
  7. There should be a start and finish date on the schedule, of course if it’s outside work, the weather will cause a normal delay but shouldn’t constantly drag the job on.
  8. Tell the owner or boss how much he reviews the work.
  9. Clear conditions of payment should also be set out in the estimate.
  10. How long do they ensure the work.
  11. There should be a signature on the estimate from an approved estimator guaranteeing the estimate’s terms , conditions and pricing, not just your signature.