Roof Repair in Emergency Conditions

When Colorado’s weather is perfect, and everything is quiet, it is easy to make decisions. But when the weather is horrible and the electricity goes out, that’s an entirely different story. There is no time for rational decision taking. Actually, when all was quiet and the weather was good it’s time to execute proper plans that you thought about. If your roof has been damaged because of a falling tree, tree branch or limb, urgent action is important because it may impact the integrity of the entire building. Discover More

We rarely have tornadoes in Colorado Springs but in the surrounding regions of El Paso and Pueblo counties we do have them. In this situation, high winds and debris hitting the roof cause damage to the roofs. The very first thing you need to ascertain is whether your roof or yard has electrical power lines down. Exercise EXTREME caution if they do. Stay away from them, and keep them away from others. The best thing to do is call 911 and let them know, so they can immediately contact the appropriate authorities. Down power lines are classified as a state of emergency.

Many of the incidents we face include so much snow that accumulates on trees near a home causing the branches of the tree to break. Typically when this happens you’ll hear a big thud crashing through the wall. The first thing to do is get away from that part of the house all family members and pets. Dress up accordingly, torch in hand, and take a look outside. You must search again for power lines that are down, the same process as above. Don’t climb on a ladder and don’t think you ‘re on the roof. You will be searching from the ground for any gaps in the side of the building or broken windows. If the tree that has fallen is of substantial size, structural damage may occur. If there is no significant damage to the house, you can use plastic and duct tape to cover gaps or damaged windows that are safe to enter before the storm is over. It is best to do as little as is completely necessary before the weather is over. Note that the winters at Colorado Springs are very mild and the weather generally returns fairly quickly to those conditions.