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Importance Of Testing Indoor Air Quality

Why clean children become sick more often than not!

People spend indoors 80 per cent of their time. We usually breathe about 10 times per minute. Multiply the twice a day by 1440 minutes. It amounts to more than 14,000 intakes of fresh air a day. When we can live without food or water for a week and barely four minutes without breathing, the consistency of indoor air is not a hidden issue.

Respiratory problems are all-time high. Note: Accountability is a big concern of companies. Indoor air pollution is deemed a major environmental concern. Allergies are rising at an unprecedented pace in babies. This is believed to be attributed to early exposure to allergens, and is a major aspect of indoor air contamination.To learn more, A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC

How do you know if you have a problem regarding indoor air quality? Arguably using this simple test is the cheapest, most reliable test you can use.

A basic check can help you distinguish particular issues with the air quality (if any) that certain air purifiers are just not built to remove.

Known air pollutants are present in three categories.

(1) Particulate or parchment

(2) Fuel-sounds, and

(3) Microbial (the mould and bacteria)

Many proprietors and company owners utilize air filters. And they are doing a decent to strong job on (1) airborne dusts. Typically, however, they don’t pay heed to (2) gases or (3) airborne microbes. Why? Of what? We aren’t built for it.

It offers the knowledge as a tool. The goal is to help you invest very little money and maybe no money on the wrong air purifier AND help you check the air you and your family breathe consistently. This guidance would also help in assessing the outcomes of the study.

Microbial growth for these tests is classified as aerobic bacteria , molds, and yeast.

The Petri Dish is the primary method in these three forms of research. What’s a Dish in Petri? The Petri Dishes are sterile plastic coated dishes with a rich media of nutrients placed inside on which microbes will grow readily. Those are available for about $15 or so in kit form. You should design your own kit.