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Broken/Chipped Off Tooth Repair Options

A weird, rough object that you just took out of your mouth can only mean one thing-a chipped or damaged tooth. Normally teeth don’t crack or chip quickly but their power has its limits, sadly. A blow to the mouth or just an accidental snap, particularly if it already has signs of harm or decay, may cause a tooth to crack or split. If you notice that you are lacking a smaller or larger part of a tooth, it is strongly advised that you see a dentist so you are not at risk of injury, and potentially even a tooth loss. Learn more about them at broken tooth repair

Several techniques can be used to restore a broken / chipped tooth while the operation relies largely on the extent of the injury. Obviously the lesser the repair damage the easier and the less expensive. If you immediately see the dentist, the harm will be restored with a single appointment. The affected tooth can be patched with a filler so if, for example, you have lost or chipped off a front tooth, the dentist is likely to use a technique known as bonding. It is a painless process requiring etching of the missing tooth and adding a specific bonding agent that can be molded in order to appear like a real tooth. The dentist effectively harden the adhesive substance with ultraviolet radiation.

If you have broken / chipped a larger tooth piece or if it shows signs of serious deterioration, your dentist may prescribe a crown. Covering the broken tooth with a crown is more costly than sealing but is more robust. If your dentist decides the crown is the only replacement choice, he or she can chip off a big portion of your tooth and basically replace it with a crown that may be constructed of copper, porcelain or resin. You do need at least annually to see the dentist however. When you are preparing for the final crown, whether you’ve lost or chipped off a tooth that’s noticeable while you grin and speak, the dentist will put you a temporary one.

A fractured tooth may often be patched with a veneer. It applies to a thin layer of colored tooth substance that is cemented at the front of the mouth. Just before adding a veneer the dentists scrape a coating of enamel from the surface of the tooth to create an impression. The latter is sent to a dental laboratory to make a veneer that will be applied at the next visit. Veneers are typically used in the front teeth for minor losses and at the same time they have a aesthetic effect.