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Fantastic Bed Designs

There are too many fun bed styles accessible today to fulfill every desire you may have. Most bed styles are reasonably priced for the general customer but you can grab some of the premium ones with incredible functionality if you’ve got some major cash to spare. Some of these beds would have style sufficiently to blow you out of your shoes. Here are some of the best bedding styles.

1) Magnetic Floating Bed This beautiful bed was designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars and is undoubtedly one of today’s best bed designs. The bed uses magnets to leave it suspended in the air. Cables are tied to the ground from either corner of the bed to keep the bed from floating away in heavy winds.

2) NapShell Some of the strongest bed styles for people who love having power naps. This bed is ergonomically built to provide you both back and spine with unmatched support. This bed also comes with LED lighting, an mp3 player, and a DVD player for viewing.

3) Sound Seating Structure This bed is constructed of sofa balls and can be shaped into a number of shapes to match any soothing need. In the design of this bed approximately 120 sofa balls with elastic cloth covering are used. In reality, you can alter the Bed type to turn it into a couch, or just about any shape you’re happy with.

4) Fantasy Coach The fantasy coach is among the best bed styles for children’s beds. Similar to the tale of the Cinderella pumpkin wagon, this bed is built like a wagon, with a elegant entrance and wooden wheels making it a beautiful present for your baby. It takes about six months to construct it, and will be shipped to your house.

5) Hi Can One of the most esthetically appealing bed designs out there, the Hi Can looks like a box but it’s an amazing looking box with a big LCD monitor, internet connection, plus music plus gaming capability. Why get out of bed?

6) Personal Cloud It is a really unusual room, since it is a moving pad. Yeah you understood it right. It’s a perfect rocking pad, gently moving you to sleep every night. It also has an esthetically pleasing style that can lend your bedroom a lot of artistic flourish.

7) Machine bed This is one of the most unusual bed styles. This bed may in reality be turned into a table for your machine. It looks like a regular bed in the sheet-form. The only distinction is the platform under the bed where your laptop will be held.

8) Bed-up This is one of the most comfortable bed designs because it lets you save your bedroom a lot of space. This bed is hanging from the ceiling and you can only take it down anytime you decide to use your bed and after using it, move it back up. This means you can save a lot of space in your bedroom.