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Updating a Beauty Salon to Become a Beauty Spa

Next we will take out the tacky wallpaper that echoes in the 1970s, tear up the carpeting, and make someone create a new desk for the receptionist. Even, the mirrors are fine. We would be in a spot to pull them down, redo the walls and bring them back up. We still require fresh equipment, of course, so it shouldn’t cost that much. We need good, bright lighting to be able to see our job, but it must be gentle, not hard, to establish the mood of a comfortable atmosphere for our clients to refresh their looks. The seats will be repaired but that can wait. For the time being they must do before the computers compensate for themselves. I will propose a Tuscan Red and Mustard paint scheme. Such shades appear in newspapers and home shops all over. Maybe a bit of green olive, or yellow butter here and there. And let’s swap the old boom box with a more modern sound system to build the calming spa environment so that we can enjoy soothing songs.You may want to check out Greenwich Audrey Christou for more.

Hair vapors are the latest hair-care frustration. I saw wall-mounted and freestanding ones at the exhibition. Such hair steamers may be used for care on just about any hair. They speed up the cycle and become a lot gentler to the hair than other sources of electricity. We will use it for perms, colouring, hair straightening and more. My eyes came from Taiwan and seemed to be of higher consistency than the Japanese. I noticed a computerized hair dryer next to the steamers. It provides extra heat for hair which requires a good collection of hair. This even has a wireless print-out that I could interpret from salon distances, and is easy to learn.

But the facial robots is what first got me pumped about transforming our beauty salon into a beauty spa. I’ve seen several different kinds of skincare devices at the exhibition. We had free standing facial steamers, along with mirrors, magnifiers, and timers. I’ve even seen a series of spray / vacuum units, a galvanic tool, and a brush tool. These were really cheap devices. If we really want to become a full-service facial spa we might really use the eight-function facial unit. This costs money so as we pull in high-end clients it will pay for itself.

I’m so curious about possibilities! I took back a lot of brochures about all sorts of salon appliances. I’m planning to review this and go online to conduct some work and find out how we should redecorate our salon and refit it with the latest collection of services so we can draw some affluent buyers for a full-service spa.