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A smart home will give homeowners countless benefits including comfort, protection, energy conservation and remote monitoring. In general, a smart home involves the use of a home automation control panel (hub) that attaches to your home Wi-Fi and enables you to access all main appliances via your internet-enabled mobile, laptop or Computer. While some of the more popular uses of home automation systems have been remote illumination, home protection and heating control, a smart home may also enable you to monitor your blinds, curtain tracks, sunscreens, garage shutters and awnings.Do you want to learn more? Visit Vivint Smart Home-Alarm Systems

You can do more than just remotely monitor blinds and curtains by attaching the device to your home wireless network and by downloading the Smartphone App. In answer to picture sensors and wind sensors, you may put them on timers, or configure them to open / close. Adding your motorized curtains, blinds, awnings and garage shutters to your smartphone-controlled home automation device will provide homeowners with the following advantages: • Mobile-controlled blind and shade change With the smartphone app enabled, you no longer have to touch the blinds and curtains manually anytime you decide to close or open them. From the comfort of your chair you can easily take out your smartphone and adjust all your window shades with a simple click.

  • Multiple shading control with groups A smart home enables you to connect multiple motorized shading tools to a seamless control party. So once you exit the building, just use the community control method and use your mobile to close all the blinds, curtain tracks and awnings. This ensures that you no longer have to manually search and aim for any slot.
  • Put the blinds and curtains on timers Home automation helps you to schedule the opening and closing of your blinds and curtains throughout the day at pre-selected times. This simulates occupancy at home, even though you are abroad, which is particularly useful while you are on vacation.
  • Garage door regulation from inside the vehicle If your motorized garage doors are built into the home automation network, you can unlock the shutters at the end of an stressful day without needing to get out of the vehicle. You can do this with your Mobile device without leaving your car cozy.
  • Save electricity and maintenance costs The electronic blinds and curtains can be programmed to operate in combination with the light sensors utilizing the Smartphone software. This ensures that the blinds and sun screens will immediately decrease during intense weather, keeping the home interiors cool and shielding the furniture throughout the summer from sun damage. As a consequence, you can conserve money while spending on your electricity bills.
  • Weather-based adjustment of blinds If you have wind sensors mounted, you can switch your sunscreens and blinds to close depending on the wind speed. Now, you don’t have to manually look for your blinds and curtains while there are heavy winds to cover every one. The blinds respond to certain conditions automatically.