Unbundled Legal Services

Today the company faces a major legal dilemma. This dilemma is especially evidence when it comes to family law matters, such as cases of divorce, custody, support and restraining order. The basic dilemma can be outlined as follows: 1) the law becomes increasingly complex, 2) this increases the need for an attorney for the average person, 3) the fees for the attorney are increasingly high, and 4) the unemployment rate is historically high, while the income is historically low. Click here to enable the notifications forĀ Fisher & Fisher Law Offices LLC details here.

Over there is the problem, and at least part of the solution are unbundled legal services. Judges in many courts across the country are demanding that attorneys provide unbundled legal services. Unbundled legal services can very clearly be interpreted. The prosecutor is simply offering legal services individually, rather than as a package.

Under the conventional scheme, the plaintiff pays the prosecutor to do whatever applies to the situation. The prosecutor must represent the defendant, bargain with the opposing party or lawyers, write all the documents and pleadings, and attend all appearances in trial. This all forms part of the regular package. The kit is very expensive. All these programs together will easily reach in thousands and thousands of dollars at $250 or more an hour, even for the easiest of situations.

Client and attorney reach a different, more flexible agreement within the unbundled arrangement. The attorney and client will determine which part of that bundle will be handled by the client and which part will be handled by the attorney, depending on what the client can afford to. It may be that a defendant can only expect to pay for the time that the solicitor has to write the pleadings.

This is still very useful for the defendant and the judiciary, because it can confuse the documents and papers that need to be submitted in family law proceedings, particularly for the uninitiated member of the general public. The client saves gobs of money by advising himself and appearing alone in court, but has the advantage of presenting professionally prepared and quality documents. While judges may not like to say it, they still panic when they see papers written by non-attorneys. Judges are more likely to read mountains of papers and to grant the requests of those whose papers are not a pain to read and understand.

These deals can take many forms. If lawyers offer these kinds of arrangements increasingly, the courts will run smoother, and justice will prevail as legal services become accessible to people with lower income brackets.

The author of this article is a Domestic Violence Counselor certified as a divorce attorney in Fremont, California. His office offers unbundled legal services in family law cases that enable them to reach out to those of lower incomes to support them. The professional legal services should not be beyond the average person’s reach.